Information System

Implementation of integrated information systems, development of customs programs linked to the integrated system for inventory, scheduling, forecasting and budgeting purpose, for example.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce time and errors on data entry
  • Improve management knowledge by presenting accurate reports – graphs
  • Reports, graphs and tablesRapports, graphiques dashboard in real time, accurate, concise and truthful
  • Centralize information and permit decentralized actions – delegation

Services Offered

Implementing an integrated information system

  • Setup the software according the client reality.
  • Revise the processes and train people to use the new procedures and system.
  • Test the new system and verify static and dynamic data accuracy.
  • Support startup.

Development of custom programs

Permit to perform needed function by the client but not already satisfied by the actual integrated system. The resulting “combined” system is linked like a whole system.

Peripheral sub-systems

Certain type of spreadsheets or databases may be used to accomplish specific function, demanding sophisticated algoritms, for instance :

  • Logistic calculations for stock management
  • Configurable price calculation for finished goods and transport for international deliveries
  • Budget calculation for manufacturing and salaries
  • Sales forecasts
  • Production schedule